When was the last time you cried? 😦

Throughout the many experiences of our lives, we cried different kinds of tears… and these, I am sharing here as described in Iyanla Vanzant’s book, YESTERDAY, I CRIED.

Angry tears flow from the outside corners of the eyes making them easier to wipe away. They originate in the ego- that part of our being that presents to the world who we think we are. These tears create heat and stiffness in the body because when we are angry, we usually don’t know how to express what we feel. Angry tears reveal our vulnerabilities.

Sad tears spill forth from the inside corner of our eyes and find their way across our cheeks, nose and lips. These tears taste salty and the emotions that generate them are usually the bitter experiences in life. These tears come from the heart and are accompanied by the sloping of the shoulders and drooping of the head.

Frightened tears take up the entire eyes and spill over the whole face. It clouds our vision as fear usually does. These tears come from the soles of the feet and travels through our body making us tremble and shake.

Shame-filled tears fall when we are alone with our thoughts and feelings, judging and criticizing ourselves for something that we have or have not done. These tears come from the pit of the stomach and usually causes us to bend over, not in pain but in anguish.

Combination tears are the worst of all and can have a devastating effect on the body. It brings about the stiffness of anger, the drooping of sadness, the trembling of fear and the bending of shame. Through time, we’re able to cry through our pains and tears have gotten us through the darkest and the hardest times into a better understanding of ourselves and our experiences.

Joyful tears came from the heart and allow us to stand straight. These tears move up the spine and across the brain and brings us to a new perspective and understanding that the sad tears were necessary, that each tear is a prayer that tomorrow will be a better day. Joyful tears tell us to celebrate ourselves and our progress.

The unshed tears of our lives color and cloud our thoughts. They are our untold stories. Without allowing these tears to flow freely, we find ourselves repeatedly in similar experiences. Unshed tears are trapped in our throats making it difficult for us to speak our truths and honestly express ourselves as we journey thus preventing the possibility of a new life to be born.

In my life, I’ve cried many tears. And yesterday(?), I cried tears of joy in celebration of the birth of a new person in me and realizing potentials yet to be explored. It was a difficult road to follow for in between I have to cry tears of sorrow and apprehension… not knowing where to go.

But the discovery is overwhelming and I know there are still a lot of unshed tears waiting to overflow….


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