The Road to CEAE

My life is not much of a fairy tale.  I dreamed and realized my dreams (not all of them though) early in life.  I faced the challenges and trials and I was contented with that.  God and life has been good to me.

I have been truly blessed in terms of success in my career and relationship with my family and friends.  I have worked in different types of organizations, local and international.  I’ve traveled around, and in and out.  It seems like I have nothing more to ask for.  Just when I thought I have everything I wanted in life, I felt something amiss.  That was when I realized that all my life, I believed I ought to work for a living, until I met someone who taught me I also ought to make a life not just a living.  I reflected, perhaps I needed another dimension in life.

March2005, I have a prayer list and now it included a wish that I be engaged in cause oriented activities particularly one involved in environmental endeavors.   I asked for guidance and my footsteps were directed towards the portal of the Center for Environmental Awareness and Education (CEAE).

This organization provides innovative teaching tools that bring environmental education into everyday lessons and activities. It utilizes two of the most widely used and successfully implemented environmental education programs available today.   And to enhance its educational programs, it had ventured into video production highlighting Philippine environment and culture.  CEAE believe that education is the starting point for change.  Its staff and volunteers share a strong commitment to protecting our planet and believe in using the power of education and film to inspire solutions to the environmental crisis.

October2005, I attended CEAE’s volunteer orientation.  At this point, I believed being a part of this organization is an answered prayer.  Since my heart is at it and I believed in its mission and programs, I got involved in some of its activities and in the process, become up close and personal with its staff and some of its volunteers.

Alas, not only was my prayer answered, I was given an added bonus.  I did not only gain new friends, but in an instant I have a new family, I became a volunteers’ “mommy,”… a single mom with lots of kids.
Now, it’s not just the advocacy that bonds us together.  For me it had become more personal.  I cared, like all moms do.  I feel bad and sad when the children of the earth turn wayward or when there is resentment among the staff and volunteers.  I hurt when they hurt, most especially when I am part of the hurting.  But I rejoice, I truly rejoice when there is reconciliation, when there is true reconciliation, a meeting and understanding of the heart and the mind.

For some time and because of health reasons I have to slow down in my activities.  I heard that some of its staff had not weathered personal and interpersonal challenges.  Staff and volunteers had left the organization and it had become inactive.  It’s just unthinkable and I felt sad this has to happen; too bad let what the organization had started just go to waste.

However, now there’s news that some of its former staff and volunteers had reunited and they are having another trainor’s training to continue CEAE’s goal.  This development deserves a toast.  I hope for the volunteers’ success as they continue advocating for a noble cause of promoting environmental education and awareness.


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