From the Eyes of a Child…

This story happened 10 months ago but I can still recall what happened… very vividly…

10 months ago I’ve lost someone close to heart..  and it hurts to lose someone you’ve cared for so deeply… someone so close to being a family… that’s why I grieved.I was left with nothing but memories and a lesson to hold on to the ones you love and let go when the time calls for it… if only to collect time for yourself to recover from the hurts that love gives back some times…

I was in this state of sadness  when we have a family reunion courtesy of my sister’s birthday.  There was an exchange of stories and laughter filled the house.  And I, the great actress that I am, was laughing like I have no worry in the world

What amazed me was when my 7-year old niece came to me and told me, ‘You are sad.  I can see it in your eyes.’

Wow… Am I that visible? Was I that transparent to a child?

Now I realized that the people who loves you sees the truth in your eyes and feel the hurt in your heart.  This child loved me so much to see the truth in my eyes.  Perhaps, I could hide from the rest of the world but not from the eyes of those who love… especially not from the eyes of a child.  Touched!


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