Melamine Scare

Melamine has put the world in scare. And as time passes, more countries are investigating the issue, and more and more products aside from milk are found to be contaminated with this chemical. 

In the early 2007, veterinary scientists determined it to be the cause of hundreds of pet deaths, because of pet food contamination. Prior to these reports, melamine had been regarded as non-toxic or minimally toxic. However, because of the unexplained presence of melamine in wheat gluten added to mass-produced dog and cat foods, it is the most likely cause. Pet owners report symptoms that are commonly associated with renal failure, which could be explained by the ammonia that may result from the digestion of the melamine. Animal Feed has been reported to have been tainted with Melamine and fed to Hogs & Chickens in the US.  Think it’s time to reflect to on the food and food products that even adults consume.

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