Hair Myths or Truths

We’ve all have our own or heard a thing or two about hair myths.   We have heard something about, how if you shave your hair on your upper lip or head or legs or wherever it will grow again thicker and darker.

If you’re so worried about your hair, then relax. The truth is, hair might change with age, illness, or hormonal shifts and there are things we can do to keep our hair in good shape.

Myth 1: Wearing hats causes baldness.

No truth to this.  While wearing hats can cause breakage and sometimes pull out a hair or two, and may even lead to split ends, it won’t cause hair loss or even thinning.

Myth 2: Split ends are repairable.

This thing we can see and hear in shampoo and conditioner commercials.  In real life, split ends aren’t going to magically heal themselves.  Hair’s already dead tissue hence can’t heal itself even if you bombard it with large amounts of shampoo and conditioner. With the proper care though, you can keep the split ends from recurring.

Myth 3: Losing 100 days a day is normal!

Yes it is. Sorry. Whether they break or fall out by the roots, the average person is going to have to deal with losing 100 or more hairs every single day. Like your cat or dog, you’re going to shed a little. That’s just the way hair is. But don’t worry; you probably have at least that many new hairs growing in.

Myth 4: Brushing your hair a lot is good for it.

Brushing your hair is sometimes necessary to help distribute the natural oils and get rid of the tangles.  However, too much brushing can cause breakage and those dreaded split ends.

Myth 5: Dandruff is contagious!

While many scalp-borne infections and parasites are indeed contagious (ringworm and lice are particularly egregious examples) the critters that cause dandruff are already residing on your head.

Everyone has them — they’re the type of yeast called Malassezia that commonly lives on human skin. In susceptible people, their metabolic by-products cause skin cells in the scalp to clump into larger, oilier flakes than they do in most people. That is dandruff.

Myth 6: With too much stress, person’s hair can turn white overnight.

No matter how stressed out one is. hair is not going to grow white or gray overnight.  The only effective way to turn your hair white overnight is to bleach it.

Myth 7: Washing the hair every day will dry it out.

Washing your hair every day will just cleanse it.  Excessive dryness may occur if you don’t use the formulation for your hair type, that is, using a shampoo formulated for oily hair when you have dry hair.

What really dries out your hair is excessive blow-drying.

Myth 8: You can get scalp fungus if you go to bed with wet hair.

Just by going to bed with wet hair can’t cause any diseases, fungal or otherwise.  Nor will it make you any likelier to get a cold; either you’ve caught the cold virus or you haven’t. While you might end up with a severe case of bedhead, the idea that critters will take root in a wet scalp is just another one of many hair myths.


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