Kiss and Make Up!

In my previous post, I have written about a short life.  Indeed our life on this planet we call Earth is short, hence, we always need to be ready to go home with God anytime.

Now that All Saints Day/ All Souls Day is near the same constant reminder about the shortness of life comes to mind.

Last year, my family grieved over the loss of my father, the last of my surviving parent.  At the same time, we thanked God that He ended my father’s pain and suffering over a lingering sickness. Despite this, we still have some disappointments for he was not able to kiss and make up with his brother before he died.

Yesterday, we received news that this brother, our uncle died of heart attack.   This is oh! so sudden.  My uncle is still so strong.  And we are all so saddened.  God Bless his soul!

I may sound absurd, but it’s been said that everything that happens, happens for a reason.  Perhaps, this is the brighter side of death.  It is at this point that we, the living, reflect.  Maybe in the life after death, where we think that everything is so rosy, perhaps those people who have had some disputes while they are still on this place called Earth, will be able to settle their difference .   Perhaps, my father and his brother will meet up in heaven  and I guess, will kiss and make after all.

As an afterthought though, I guess it would be much better if we settle our altercations while we are still breathing.  I guess now is the time to think and reflect about our relationships not only with our family but with people who comes in and out of our life.  As I’ve said, life is very short to wake up with regrets.


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