When You Care Enough…

Wow!  The Christmas season is in the air! Especially here in the Philippines!


Now I can hear the jingling jingling bells, soon the carolers will be here and will hark the herald angels sing, finally there will be the mano po ninong, mano po ninang! Even through these hard times, these traditions cannot be forgotten.  These traditions will always be with us and we would always find ways and means to squeeze out something from ourselves in order to give out and make our loved ones happy.

For those Pinoys who are out of the country, they usually send greetings through Christmas cards, phone calls or through emails.  Some have the luxury of sending balikbyan boxes.. hmm…. this sounds great.


However, when you care enough to send the very best to  those you love in the Phili[pines, why not try Roses and Surprises. This is your online gift service and it delivers anywhere in the Philippines.  At Roses and Surprises, your shopping is secured, plus you get great customer service.  You can also choose from a lot of affordable items which ranges from flowers to chocolates to food packages to jewelries to spa services to etc., etc.

On top of all these, we also offer flexible payment methods.

To order, try to visit our site and click here.


2 thoughts on “When You Care Enough…

  1. Hahaha!

    Hello greenminds,

    Yeah! This is some sort of a business,but not really mine.
    Wanna try to send some of the very best?
    Check it out!

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