Taboo!The label of the box says it’s a game of unspeakable fun.But for me, the game is more than just speechlessness and fun.It is a game where one’s creativity is challenged beyond words and senses.It allows for the exploration of one’s past, present and future.It provides space for one to understand the language of another with matching ump! and ahh! and hahaha!1_612140055m4

For those who are not yet familiar with the game, Taboo is a word guessing game.  The goal of the game is for a player (the clue giver) have his teammate(s) guess the word on the card without using the word itself or the five additional words listed on the card.  If he does, he’ll be buzzed by the opposing team.60 seconds are all he has to get his team to guess as many words as possible.1_432010076l2

Since the game was introduced to our group by our Taboo master (hahaha.. you know who you are) it had become a blockbuster and since then has been our favorite pastime whenever we have a get together usually on weekends and sometimesover a toast or two or more of red wine or Gilbey’s.

Our games extend late into the night and after midnight.Who would want to sleep when you hear this exchange of clues and answers?:

  • Clue giver: “another name for loaf”
  • Teammate A: “bread”
  • Clue giver: “Make it harder”
  • Teammate B:“breed” (pronounced brid)

1_395697970lHuh! Just when I thought a hardened bread is “toasted bread” or perhaps, dehydrated. In Taboo, a hard “bread” is  “breed.”And mind you, the answer is correct, with an exclamation point at that! Hmmm, that’s what you call creativity.Now wait till you finish the whole batch of 504 cards, you’ll discover the most genius of all geniuses among your group with all the hahahas.

Some words of advice though, don’t try to memorize all the cards.Just play frequently then start to remember them.  Don’t try to establish clues for every card for that would stop your creative mind from exploring other possibilities.Don’t stop the fun.  Keep them coming.


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