Victims of a Broken Heart

Last weekend, I attended a surprise birthday bash for a soon to be ordained priest friend.

We’ve had lots of fun, with lots of food and drinks and toast and cheers, with lots of friends and with lots of games.  Of course, we wouldn’t forget our favorite Taboo.  But the game that moved me most was the usual, TRUTH or CONSEQUENCE.

Wow! and Double Wow!  As usual, most of the game participants selected TRUTH once the spinning bottle points at their feet.  Hmmm… most of the questions was about lovelifes: past, present and future.

The morning after, those who were left behind  (i.e., father and the four ladies.  Well, the others had left early to do their business whatever that is) continued with more getting acquainted stories.

What was impressed upon us was that the TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCE game revealed a lot but what stands out was that most of us was a victim of broken heart, (quote:unquote from father) even those who admitted that they are a virgin when it comes to eros relationships .  Some were able to move on, others were half-way the mark, still others are still in denial.

100_42051Now, this gives me time to reflect for I believe that everything happens for a reason.  And I’m glad I’m with this group of friends. This group had been in a way lent support for one another.  The experience of one who was able to move on or still recovering from the heartache when shared with one who hasn’t is somehow enlightening. Oh! I cannot share much for I am a virgin to hearthaches.. hahaha.

Nevertheless, I’d say one should not stop living or loving when heartaches come for in doing so one will discover that life after all the hurts is still beautiful and worth living for.


4 thoughts on “Victims of a Broken Heart

  1. hahaha..
    you know the saying: cute is in the eye if the beholder..
    yeah you’re right., your place is so good for the victims of a broken heart

  2. hi joan,

    grabe talaga, ang daming cute sa picture na yan. hahaha!

    i so miss you too.. hope there’s another event like that and hope all the cuties are there too!

    please bring your usb so we can copy the pictures.. maarte pc eh, ayaw mg-send ng pix na mataas ang resolution, low IQ ata.. hahaha

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