Unlock Your Name

As the result of 300 years of colonial rule of Spain over the Philippines, the custom of naming in the Philippines was dominated by Spanish names.  Lately however,  English names became more and more popular and widespread, reflecting the ever-growing influence of USA in the Philippines.

Now I’m reflecting on my name.  First, I am Nimfa.  That was during my elementary and secondary school days.  Then on my college years I discovered Nimfa is the name registered in my baptismal certificate but in my certificate of live birth, it was Josefina (aka Dyosefina).

So, what’s in those names now

Nimfa or nymph. In the Greek & Roman Mythology , a nymph is any of numerous minor deities represented as beautiful maidens inhabiting and sometimes personifying features of nature such as trees, waters, and mountains.  In simple language, a nymph is a beautiful girl.  (hmmmm……)

In biology though, a nymph is the larval form of certain insects, such as silverfish and grasshoppers, usually resembling the adult form but smaller and lacking fully developed wings.  In this view, I would accept the Greek & Roman Mythology definition.  (hahaha….)

Now, it’s time to face reality.  At present, I am Dyosefina or Josefina.   The name is a variant of Giuseppina (Italian, Hebrew) and Josephine (Hebrew), and the meaning of Josefina is “the Lord adds; Jehovah increases”. Wow!

From a blog of Bo Sanchez, he wrote that your name unlocks your calling.  Now I understand why even though I lead a single life, I keep on increasing.  Hahaha.. not so much in size for I’m petite.  Not so much on material wealth though I must admit I God had provided me with much for myself so I can share with my siblings and the rest.  I keep on increasing in terms of friends, real friends at that.

I realized that by being Nimfa, I am beautiful(hmmm..) and by being dyosefina (aka Josefina), I am being abundantly rich in friends.

So friends…. allow me to pay tribute to myself… hahaha!

When Vanity Strikes!!!
The following video is a product of my vanity-laden imagination.  Any similarities to other personalities, places or events is unintentional.  This was published to enlighten the timid at hearts.  Guidance of the bold in spirit is advised.


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