Word of the Day

Earlier this week I chatted with a friend who was then in her lowest low.  She was just so disappointed with her career, her office, the office mates, the system, etc., etc.  Of course, it was just the one of those days when you got fed up with everything around you.  I believed, she just needed an ear so I lent her mine.  Then when her emotions had cooled down, I gave her this:

Lucullan..That is the word of the day

Now she’s smiling…… hehehe

What in the hell is lucullan?

Hahaha… I was waiting for you to ask me that
rich; magnificent and luxurious

What word is that?
That’s an English word
When you meet someone who fits that description, call him/her lucullan.

Where did u get that word madame dyosefina?
hahaha! 🙂

In tagalog,   loko lang….
hahaha 🙂

hahahaha 😉
wlanghiya ka
naisahan mo ko!
no… it’s true, even if you search it in the net

hahaha... lucullan loko lang

hahaha… I want to fart 😉
Hey, I’ve to work now.. boss is here

word of the day yesterday

meaningof love; expressing love, especially sexual
use in sentence
She’s cranky, self-absorbed and a compulsive flirt with a long series of amatory conquests to her record.

word of the day last dec 3 2007
meaning….. Causing sleep; tending to cause sleep.
dec 3? why that date?
well, it was where the mouse is…
archives of memories
Now, Ms lucullan, you have to be amatory with your work because I’m already soporific
goodnight and thanks for your ears..


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