Season of Thanks

Whew!   Christmas is in the air.  Hmmm. …  This is the perfect time to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who had put meaning into my life.  I know I wouldn’t be where I am now had I not met you.  Hmmm.. where do I begin?

Of course, everything starts and ends with my CREATOR, my GOD who had been my refuge and the source of all my strength and blessings.  Thank you for the music and for all the mornings.

Thank you for the family I was born into.  They had always been there through thick and thin.

Thank you for all the generation friends who have tolerated my moments of pain and despair.

And of course, thank you for the surrogates who had been one of my life’s best blessings.

To all of you, I sing….

If I never sing another song, it wouldn’t bother me
I had my share of fame, you know my name

If I never sing another song or take another bow
I would get by, but I’m not sure how


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