How Do You Celebrate?

Gold… gold is associated with wealth and prosperity, personal wisdom and power.  While all that glitters is not gold the color gold still suggests grandeur, and perhaps on the downside, the excesses of the rich.  Gold is the traditional color for the 50th anniversary.

In this line, how does one celebrate 50 golden years of life and blessings?

Let me count the ways.

  • Pre- birthday celebration together with 50 street children from Child Hope Philippines with the aim of letting them experience a day of sheer enjoyment and focusing.  A day perhaps that they will never forget the whole of their lives.


  • A thanksgiving celebration with the people close to one’s heart:   family and some close friends.  A special moment of bonding, playing games and drinking wine, laughing out loud until the wee hours of the morning, making up for times gone by.



  • A post-birthday climb to the peak, experiencing what a bliss  it is to be on top of a mountain… admiring the awesomeness of God’s creation,  feeling attuned with nature and appreciating it’s sound and scent,  stargazing and communicating with people who are in the afterglow of their lives and seeing their star shining at its brightest,  and maximizing a time of togetherness with some of  the more important people in your life.


Yeah!  There are several other grander ways to celebrate half a century of living.  Of course, I would have love to spend it with all the people who put meaning into my life, those people who have made a difference and touched my inner being (but alas, most of them are in heaven now). I would have gone forth with my travel plan to the Holy Land  (perhaps I won’t enjoy going there alone, my travel companion is unavailable at the moment). I would have set-up an impressive party in an impressive hotel and invited an equally impressive array of guests… that would be for the book of records.  🙂

However, the 2-week long blast  is more than enough.  I could not ask for anything more for I am so blessed with time, talent and resources.  Most of all, I am so blessed with my relationships for though I’m only one, I know I won’t be alone.

My relationships, my family, my friends, my compassion:   they are the true gold in my life.

It’s still the season of thanks…. Thank You!


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