Thank You!

During the long vacation, even amidst some fun with friends, I  found time to reflect. And I realized how lucky I am to have a God like mine, like our God.  Just yesterday I received a thank you letter from a friend; now I am more inspired, it’s my turn to express my gratitude to my one and only God.

My Dearest God,

Thank You!

Thank you for the golden years, filled with all kinds of colors,  happiness and tears. I believe you love me too much that I can say, in my life,  there had been more joys than pain;  and that despite all the pruning I would always emerge the victor knowing that you are always there to see me through.

Thank you!

Thank you for this day, another day to become the better person that you wanted me to be.   Thank you for this night, another time to rest and recharge.

Thank You for your gift of nature.

Thank you for the golden sun, the blue sky, the white clouds, the green trees, the gentle wind. Thank You for the beauty of Your creation, we so often take for granted .

Thank You!

Thank You for all the blessings.   I have money to pay for all my daily needs and even some more to help others in need, not only of material things but for emotional support.

Thank you! I have eyes to see, ears to hear, tongue to taste and speak.  Thank You! I have nose to smell the flowers.  Thank You, I have hands to touch, to encode, to text, to carry my things . Thank you I have mind to imagine beautiful things, and a heart that loves, and a life to touch other lives.

Thank You, I have my family and friends, the people I  love and who I believed love in return.

Thank You for the difficulties and challenges, they molded me and equipped me. They made me a wiser and a better person, striving to be compassionate, understanding and loving like Jesus.  Thank You for the joy, hope, peace and love You put each day in my heart.

Thank you for the gift of life you so lovingly bestowed on me. Thank You for everything.

Thank You I can write this post now to be able to share your goodness and your love.  How I love you so too!
With all my heart and love,



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