Bra-lessness for Good Health…

Subject: Every Sunday declared as Bra-free day

To create awareness Malaysian Women welfare organization declare as Sundays as Bra free day at Malaysia .

Do you wear bra for the whole day and even at home?

For years, a lot of articles with regards to the causes of breast cancer point to genetics, an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise as the major links to this disease which happens to be the biggest killer among women during these last two decades.

These studies would have been most credible if it were not for the fact that several women including Linda McCartney who have been religious vegetarians and exercise- freaks have also been unfortunate in suffering breast cancer.

One of the most convincing article with regards to this matter is one which links breast cancer to the wearing of bras.   In the “Bra and Breast Cancer Study” in the United States , it was discovered that women with breast cancer had a history of sporting tighter and longer bra-wearing than did the women who had not (yet) developed the disease.

In fact, virtually the entire cancer group wore bras over 12 hours. When a woman wears a tight bra, she subjects her breasts to pressure, closing off the lymphatic pathway from the breast to the nodes.   This causes fluid built-up swelling, tenderness and cyst formation.  Toxins must be flushed out via the lymphatic. However, a bra-constricted breast cannot adequately perform this cleansing process, resulting in toxin accumulation in the breast.

Bras are creating droopy, weak breasts….the breast relies on the bras for artificial support; the body loses its ability to support the breast by itself.   This is why many women feel uncomfortable without the bra.

What is the solution to breast cancer then?   DON’T WEAR A TIGHT BRA!   And maybe sleep without them.

There is a remarkable success rate for recovery from fibrocystic breast disease within 10 days to two weeks of going bra-free.   Many women have tried going bra-less and recorded a miraculous improvement in their health!

Bra burning is no longer a feminist issue.  It is now a battle between life and death. We should make others more aware of the hazards of wearing them.

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