The Four Things…

For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: It might have been!”

— John Gray Whittier — images

Dear all,

Just finished reading this book: The Four Things that Matter Most… by Dr. Ira Byock.

The gist of the story tells of the four simple phrases which contain the most powerful words in our lives:

* Please forgive me

* I forgive you

* Thank you

* I love you

As I reflect back into my past, I remember that perhaps however much I tried to be a better person everyday, there were people who were hurt by my actions and decisions (consciously or unconsciously); there were instances where I failed to express my gratitude; there were times when I couldn’t have the heart to say “it’s alright,” and most of the times, my lips can’t find the courage to utter the words “I love you.”

As human beings, we are all infected with the HMG virus… we are all HMG positive.. (The human mortality gene).. No one is getting out of this alive. At this point, when most of my favourite people have been taken up to heaven, I believe that one should not wait for the facing of life’s end to say what needs to be said before it’s too late.

Friends, let me take this moment to tell that however chronic the pain in our relationships had been, I thank you for all the good times and all the fond memories. I say, I forgive and I forget though I still remember. In the same manner, please forgive me for all the heartaches and hypertensions I’ve caused.

I love you,  Dyosa


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