Breaking the Cycle of Climate Disasters (Reflecting on ways for Conscious Emergency Relief)


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I just came from the Ateneo volunteer relief site wherein hundreds of Ateneans and non – Ateneans gave their time and hearts to help in relief efforts. I am happy to be part of the relief and rescue efforts and … Continue reading

Culion… a Stigma… No More!..

pulang lupa view

Culion.. situated at the northernmost part of Palawan. Ages ago, Culion is known to be the “Land of the Living Dead” since here is a sanctuary for the Lepers. Thanks to modern science and the dedication of some medics and scientists, the island can now boast that it is quite leprosy-free.

August 2009. I joined a friend in her birthday celebration in Coron. Our travel itinerary included a trip to Culion. From Manila, we took an hour flight to Busuanga Airport, from Busuanga Airport, an hour van ride to Coron, and from Coron, about an hour and a half boat ride to Culion.

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