Marathon Run for Pasig River

Joining the 10k Marathon Run
November 8, 2009, Quirino Grandstand, Luneta

Age-defying activity and bonding moments with my babies who are now biggies.

The run was exhausting especially when we have no warm up exercise before we joined. But it was all fun and enjoyable since several people from different age groups participated…. the police, the marines, the coast guards, the marines, the bikers, the ex-president and wife, the mayor, etc, even a baby on a stroller joined the run… ay mali, ung parents pala ng baby…
huh! and they all wore smiles on their faces.. 🙂

What’s disappointing though is the waste paper cups (from the water stations) which resulted after the run. No waste bin or thrash bags was provided to collect the waste, except in the last station.

Perhaps it would be best if the organizers could minimize the use of disposable paper cups in fun runs like this or maybe require the runners to bring their own drinking bottles instead and the drinking water provided at the water stations. 🙂


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