When Fire Break Loose

It’s Fire Prevention Month once again and even at the start of this month, headlines read, several cases of fires occurring almost everywhere.

Have you experienced this kind of adrenaline rush? This happened to me several years ago when a house near ours broke fire. That time we were able  to bring out most of our things from our house.  How we were able to do that in such a short span of time, I’d attribute to this rush of adrenaline.  Though we had a hard time reorganizing them back home, we were just so thankful that the fire did not reach our place.

At this point when we are no longer as young and as strong as before, I figured we have to be prepared for this kind of disaster.  Hence, I have prepared my list to save in case of fire:

1. For practical reasons, important documents. I have already organized them in a folder bag inside my locker.  It includes passport,  bank records, land titles, birth certificate, baptismal, etc.

2. My mobile phone so I could report to whomever… and my camera…. and I hope I would not forget the charger.  I hope too that I wouldn’t be so panicky then so that I could still take some photos of the fire.  That would be one for the records.  And wait, I’m also thinking about the laptop.

3. A few clothes and some food.

4. My everyday bag which contains my cards and some cash.

5.  And for sentimental reasons,  photo albums, CDs of videos I have personally made and letters from people who cared. These are just little things but they are priceless and irreplaceable plus they contain my story and the people, places and events that gave meaning to my life.

And a prayer that I would be able to carry them all.  Oh I’m sure I can, anyway, that’s what adrenaline rush is for.

How about you? Do you have a list too?


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