The Eye is the Window to Your Soul..

Photo Effects by Wishafriend

Have you ever looked into your eyes in a mirror?  What did you see? If you really looked deeply, you will see something more than the reflection of your face.  It’s because you are looking through the window to your soul.

As the window to the soul the eyes can give clues as to what another person is thinking.

We all know that when people just smile with their mouths, the smile is probably false. When the smile includes the eyes, then it is probably genuine. Oh I know of several people who can be caught of mischief just by the look in their eyes.

Much can be learned from whether a person is willing to look us in the eye, or averts the gaze. We can also unconsciously judge whether a person is being honest by how often he or she blinks.

Do you see yourself clearly?

After you do this exercise, you will know how true this is. The bottom line is that until you can truly love and accept yourself, honor the place that you have in the universe, and receive God’s love for you, your life will abound with problems. So if you want to change your world – like the song says – “you’ve got to start with the person in the mirror.”

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