Project 365 (9)… He is in the Mundane..

HIS presence is  in the mundane……

the tweeting of the birds from my windows greeting me every morning, the sunrise which wakes me up from a lonely evening,..

the kids celebrating youth as if it will never end… and adults yearning to be young again…

the splash of the waves as it kisses the shores, the changing colors of the sky by the hour..

the rugged mountains being chased by the clouds..

the majestic sunset framed on the silver seas

the twinkling of the stars whispering sweet nothing on my ears..

the coldness of a great morning air kissing my tears away…

even the footprints in the sand which remind me of my humble beginnings…..

this is life in it’s simplicity, GOD and His provisions…


2 thoughts on “Project 365 (9)… He is in the Mundane..

  1. This is beautiful. I absolutely agree with your sentiment that the best things in life, and indeed the most meaningful, are all around us and don’t cost a thing but our attention and time.

    • yeah! it’s just that at times we overlook these simple things that are just right before us because of our search or perhaps intent to be complicated.

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