The Difference Between Lovers and Friends (2)

I have noticed that the most viewed post on my blog are the ones related to relationships, especially the ones focused on loving relationships and particularly this post.  Hence, I believed that people are really a loving bunch and some are confused as regards the kind of relationships they have.  As I read on other blogs, I came across one which also spoke of the same language, and I am re-posting it here.  To read the original post, click here.



The Difference between Lovers and Friends

  • Lovers fight. And so do friends. But lovers kiss and make-up. Friends make-up only. But when lovers didn’t make up, usually they just cool it off and find it hard to be the same again. When friends didn’t make up, it’s the most different feeling in the world so they make-up eventually.
  • Lovers get jealous. And so do friends. But lovers get jealous because they demand commitment. Friends get jealous because they demand attention. But when lovers get jealous, they really look serious. When friends get jealous, they look funny.
  • Lovers give each other gifts. And so do friends. But when lovers do this, it’s but natural. When friends give each other gifts, it’s sooooo sweet.
  • Lovers make each other happy. And so do friends. They hang out, call one another, talk, yell, encourage when the other is down, sing, dance, eat together. They share secrets, dreams, take care of each other. But lover s expect these from one another. Friends expect these from others too but got from each other instead.
  • Lovers can be complicated. And so do friends. But lovers usually try hard to adjust with one another. Friends just stay as what they are and don’t give a **** whether they are nuts, or freaks, or crazy. Because friends are not turned-off; they only laugh.
  • Lovers freak-out when you forgot birthdays. And so do friends. But lovers wouldn’t forgive until they forget. Friends wouldn’t forgive until an hour after when they receive a little bar of chocolate with a cheap card.
  • Lovers really love each other. And so do friends. But lovers either get married or break up. Friends either stay friends or be lovers or nothing at all!
  • Lovers would think it’s normal to send them emails. Friends think they’re special.

It is hard to hold on to something that you know will never be yours in anyway you think of. You just have to learn to let go and face the fact that while good things never last, some don’t even start.


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