A Tale of Four Sisters!

This post is about the story of four sisters who are ages apart but lived in each other’s heart,  different yet the same in some strange ways.

1.  Ningning  (@5)

She is the story of a young girl, pure and innocent, who grew up apart from her immediate family.  Even so, she was nourished with the love of her abuela and an aunt of a kind heart.  Being a Lola’s girl, she was brought up in an old-fashioned style rooted in love and laughter.  She dreamed to be a nun someday, (I don’t really know what or who put that in her mind); or perhaps a doctor to help out the sick and the poor in her ancient province.

If you try to look at that innocent look in her eyes, take it as a sign of interest in the world she is about to imbibe in.  The doll she is holding symbolizes her inner desire to be a caring mom .. perhaps, someday. 🙂

2.  Jojo (@21) 

She is a young lady ready to spread her wings to make a difference.  Having been brought up on solid ground rooted in the Divine and  driven by an ambition to conquer the world and armored by the knowledge she gained not only in the academe but also in the school of the hard-knocks, she believes that if she can will it, she can make it.

Oh yes, she has had her shares of life’s ups and downs, but she thanks God that the downs had been few.  She considers stumbling blocks she encounters or might encounter as challenges to do better.

3.  Josephine (@40+)

This beauteous lady (walang kokontra, please lang 🙂 ! ) is a product of 4+ decades of trials and errors and of course, triumphs too.  Several life experiences had brought her to several places in time and in space.  She may have established herself but she still believes that the best is yet to come… and she wants and invites more to come… just as she wants to become and give more. That smile on her face communicates her inner self… her happiness despite the set-backs.  The mirror signifies her desire to know you more… face to face… heart to heart 🙂

4.  Dyosa (@50)

She is the baseline.. the very picture of a golden lady who survived 5 decades of loving, laughing, living and dying… and living again. 🙂 That spread arms tells you to come closer.  You are always welcome to be a part of her world.

Her arms are pointed upwards for she believes that whatever the circumstances, hope is always apparent.. if you just believe…. and to this she sings….

Maybe you and I can’t do great things …

We may not change the world in one day …

But we still can change some things today…

In our small way …

— MJ, In Our Small Way—

Now she wants to tell the world:

Here I am….  If I had to live my life all over again, I’d dare to make more mistakes.   I’d relax;  I’d limber up.  I would be funnier and more hilarious than I have been this journey.  I would take fewer things seriously.  I would take more chances, grab opportunities.  I would climb more mountains and swim more rivers.  I would perhaps have more actual troubles, but I’d have fewer imaginary ones.   I’d defy gravity and spread my wings all over the planet. I’d take more cruises, meet more of this earth’s homo sapiens and be more visible. I’d give more of myself.

And of course, I’d like to thank you for being a part of my life and my journey. 🙂


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