Project Happiness

For starters, I would like you to listen to this song.  I so like the song’s refrain which goes as follows:

Happy new year
Happy new year
May we all have a vision now and then
Of a world where every neighbor is a friend
Happy new year
Happy new year
May we all have our hopes, our will to try
If we don’t we might as well lay down and die
You and I

At the height of New Year’s Day celebration, amidst the noise and glitters of firecrackers and fireworks, we are so generous in greeting each other HAPPY NEW YEAR and wishing each one a lifelong blessing and prosperity.

Though some people had made it a habit to make a new year’s resolution at the start of the year and most break their resolutions before the year ends, I’ll try to make at least one resolution this year,(and hope that I don’t break it )…. that is,   to make at least one person happy each day.  At the end of the year, I shall have made at least 365 people happier.  And at the start of the year, 1-1-11, I shall make the most important person in my life happy.  ME.  And I’ll thank me for making me HAPPY . 🙂

At this point, you might tell me I ought to remember my five-finger prayer, but friends, forgive me if I placed myself on top of the list.  I believe that every project you indulge in should start from within you.  My philosophy is:  How could I make others happy if I’m not happy with me?  🙂

The other people on my list are the people who are dear to me.  They are the family and friends who have become a family, the ones who are always there through thick and thickness, and thin and thinness.  Oh, I might as well include those who left and whom I’ve left for some reason or another.  Now is the time to make peace. 🙂

Of course, the list would also include people who I constantly meet in ordinary lives.  They are the ones whose names I know not, the ones who make my life, your life, our lives more comfortable.  They are the drivers (bus, taxis, jeepneys, tricycles, boatmen, etc.), they are the ones who transport us to our destinations everyday of our lives.  They are our house-helps, without whom, our tasks are incomplete.  They are the men and women on the street, they are the public servants, she is that saleslady, street vendor, the office clerk and messenger, he is that waiter or barman, the xerox-man, the guards, etc.  These are the people who make our lives easier and much more manageable.

My list would also include the less fortunate ones: (the children of charities, the old and the desolates, the abandoned, the unweds and the victims of tragedies and/or disasters).

Before I forget, the bosses, the managers and the mentors are also be in my list.  Well, it’s not like I’m making “sipsip,” I just thought that even in their affluent or top of the line state, who would believe they still need people to cheer them up.  Imagine their job of putting two and two together.

Last but not the least, I would like to include my friends who are overseas and the on-line friends, the people whom I haven’t met, yet, for I have reason to believe I’ll make happy just by writing about this project. 🙂

This may sound like a mountainous task, hence, if I revert to making myself happy my priority again, I know you’ll understand.  And if i break this resolution, oooh, that would break my heart for that would just prove something I wanted to disprove, that is, resolutions are made to be broken.



2 thoughts on “Project Happiness

  1. great project! could you include me as one of 365 person you want to help to be happy? just kidding.

    you know i think it isn’t that new year resolution doesn’t work, it could work but the only problem is most people doesn’t know how to change. change has a process just like anything in this world and that is what we need to learn. even happiness has a process just like what you said, how can you make others happy if you yourself aren’t. that is part of the process on how to be happy, most important actually.

    happy new year, i would love to hear what happen to your project happiness after the end of this new year.

    • thanks erwin… actually if you qualify among the people who I chose to make happy, then you could be one of the 365… hahaha

      i sooo agree with you about resolution.. it should really start with the self and the commitment to really change.. this world could be a better place to be in then..

      for sure i’ll be writing about the progress of project happiness from time to time just to make sure i’m not logging behind. and if i do, i expect myself to do some overtime. right now i’m busy with making me happy.. 🙂 i’m doing a movie marathon, something that i wanted to do a long long time ago but just can’t find the time to do so… it feels great to have a date with oneself… and tomorrow? who knows who the lucky one is.. 🙂

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