Project Happiness started with a Bang in January. I have actually made a “calendar of happiness” to remind me of my resolution :).

Resolution:  To make at least one person happy each day.  At the end of the year I would have made 365 people happier.

I started this with a prayer list for some afflicted friends and for strength and perseverance for those who were called to serve in government, church, etc.; and I ended it with a wish list, some small things that would surely drag a smile on your face. 🙂

So what happened in January?

No.  I did not end up making one person happy each day for there had been times which I dedicated to myself.  Call that selfishness?  I have however made it up on certain days when, modesty aside, I could say I am overwhelmed by collective responses from people because of what I did.  I was particularly touched when a friend who was once stricken with cancer (thanks God, she is now declared cancer-free) emailed telling me that unwittingly, I have helped her  fulfill one item on her bucket list, and that was to reconnect and spend time with college friends.  This happened when I voluntarily organized our class reunion during the quadricentennial celebration of UST.

I do not discount though moments of happiness when I see the glow in the eyes of people on the street (whom I don’t even know) simply because  of a modest tip for services they have rendered; or giving direct help to people  met on charity institutions; and of course the times spent with some friends when we talk of some hilarious non-sense over lunch or helping a friend fulfill one of his dreams; or allowing my 10-year old niece to teach me sign language and seeing some sort of fulfillment in her eyes (this is a taste of heaven) ; 0r making a surprise video for mys cousin based in Canada and is celebrating her golden birthday; or watching a no non-sense movie with someone because that one person wants to share just a day in your life.  Oh, I just remember a line from the TV series LOST: “I just wanna be a part of your life.”  (Dr. Jack Shepard to his son).  Oftentimes, we neglect those people who are always around us.  I realized, they too need our attention.

January also have some of its set-backs.  I lost my folder bag which contains some important documents; my job contract had ended; and my holy land tour maybe held in abeyance due to recent events in Egypt.

These are minor though compared with the smiles and laughter of friends (and non-friends) and relatives during reunions/ get together.  Yes I’ve had several of these in January :).  (How I love organizing events like these for people close to my heart). The highlight of course was  a surprise birthday celebration for my eldest sister, her 60th birthday after 3 months (actually, 60 years plus 3 months and 18 days 🙂).  We celebrated it late because she was in the province and its only now that she is reunited with us.

Oh yes, these are the moments that I like to capture with my lenses :).

If this is my January, I wonder what is in store for the next 11 months. 🙂


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