I Love Reunions

After attending our college and high school reunions, I feel like I’m traveling back in time.  35 lbs. after, we are young once again, talking about old times, reminiscing pleasant and the not so pleasant events of the past through  more matured minds and tempered hearts.  Then we realized, time and age hadn’t really separated us.

It doesn’t matter whether we are now sporting that stylish gray hair (all the while, I believed this is a sign of wisdom, hahaha) or whether some had no hair at all, LOL; or whether most of us are fighting it off with some unwanted weight or bulges (in my eyes, it looks lovely anyway); or whether who was talking about his/her last trip to the doctor’s clinic.  Most of all, it doesn’t matter whether we are enjoying our memory lapses or not, for we are in the ripened and most exciting of all years of our lives… the golden years. 🙂

Today, we not only laugh at our teen-age escapades, our crushes, first loves and slam book entries but we also discuss current issues  affecting our country from government scandals to issues of the church; and in-between, we talk about personal concerns, like family and other trivial matters.

Today, we reminisce the past with fondness, talking without inhibitions.  Today, we reflect on the many windows of opportunities that have been opened to us through our alma mater.   So today we talk of a worthy goal, to alleviate the lives of the students and teachers of our alma mater as we try to give back to where we all started.

Today, what really matter is to know  that we are with friends who over the years had developed a pacific mind.. a mind which can think positively on a negative situation; and had grown a bigger heart… a heart inclined to make a difference in this world.

Today we celebrate friendship with people who really matters.  We celebrate because we belong. 🙂


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