Happy Father’s Day to my  Superhero! I miss You!


My Superhero  started both as a carpenter and a fisherman.   He would build not only infrastructures but also lives;   he would catch not only  fishes in the ocean but also people who have gone astray.

His motto: ” Plan your work and work your plan”

I met my Superhero when I was still young; at a time when heroes do exist in a girl’s heart.     He was every young woman’s dream man, a survivor who would always help others get through rough times.   My Superhero is the shoulder to cry on, the one who would be there to change the tears to laughter, the one whose warm embrace would always make one one safe.

Despite his shortcomings, he was  principled honorable, compassionate, understanding, responsible, loving, resourceful,  etc., in short, he was everything wonderful.  He is a someone far beyond compare not even to all the Supermen, Batmen or Spidermen of the universe.   They all rate  far second to my Superhero.

One of my dreams is to be like him and one of my wishes then was to to make my superhero proud of me as I have been proud of him.   What I am now, I owe it to him.   He had always been the one to push me up when I’m down  and where I am concerned, he would be content with loving care and would beam with pride as I shine.

My Superhero is gone but he has not left me a second for his memories and words of comfort would always linger on.  I do miss him for he is the wind beneath my wings 🙂

My Superhero saw a vision and followed his dreams with all his heart, with all his soul and with all his might.

MY Superhero is GUILTY BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT…. guilty of personifying the three P’s: …. Passion, Perseverance and Purpose.

My Superhero is my father, my fortress, my strength.




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