10 Commandments for Controlling Food Intake

  1. Eat breakfast.  Denying yourself food early in the day almost guarantees you’ll be starving by afternoon and overdo your eating.
  2. Stay away from artificially sweetened sodas and other drinks and foods.  They will leave you unsatisfied and craving more – of something.  It will often be something that does you little good nutritionally.
  3. Graze from time to time during the day on lower calorie healthy snacks: veggie sticks, plain yogurt with fruit, low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese, a few nuts, or whatever you especially enjoy that’s filling and nutritious.

  4. Change your dinnerware; use smaller plates and bowls.  Even smaller forks and spoons.  It works!  Don’t save the good settings for special occasions; you and your family are special.

  5. Eat at the table, if possible with company.  Never eat standing at the fridge or in other inappropriate places.  Put flowers on the table.  Serve attractive food as well as nutritious.

  6. Serve large, glasses of cold water with meals.  And not just any old glass; treat yourself and the rest of the family to attractive goblets or tumblers.
  7. Serve a large salad with various veggies, or a clear but savory soup, as a first course.  This will start to fill you up before you get to the higher calorie items.
  8. Chew your food well; don’t gulp it.  Really taste and enjoy each spoon- or fork-full.  Much hunger isn’t stomach driven but mouth related.  Savor each bite.
  9. Encourage pleasant conversation.  Make every meal that’s possible a leisurely social occasion; eat slower.  And don’t talk with your mouth full; take the time to chew and swallow before you speak.  That not just common courtesy, you’ll eat less too.
  10. Include plenty of fiber-rich food in your diet – whole grains, raw or lightly cooked veggies, beans.  They fill you up and stay with you.



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