Adventure to the Unknown

“Can a person be in two different places at the same time?”

There is nothing unnatural about this. It happens to many people, but very few talk about it because they feel it is a bad omen. This is not true at all.

A human being is composed of seven different energy bodies that vibrate at different frequencies or planes. The most dense of this vibratory levels or energy bodies is the physical body. And the most subtle is the spirit, which is normally invisible to our naked eyes.

In sleep, our astral body goes out of our physical body usually without our conscious awareness or knowledge. When we happen to awaken while still on the astral plane, we may see ourselves hovering or suspended in mid-air above our physical body. And when we see our physical body lying down while we are in the ceiling, the natural tendency is to panic and rush back to our physical body, only to find it is difficult to do so.

This is because when we panic, the vibrations of our astral body are no longer in sync with our physical body. If we relax and not become emotional, we can easily and naturally reenter our physical body.  Read entire article here.


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