The Dragon Lady

I have heard of Dragon Ladies and it is said that they are powerful and wise, making men green with envy. I finally came face to face with one but she possesses a different kind of power, that of propagating the mystical dragon fruit. It is said that the fruit is an antioxidant, a natural laxative, can help cure cancer and diabetes and is rich in vitamin C and lycopene.

Dragon fruits actually come from the cactus family, which also means that they are very low-maintenance plants. All you really need is water and sun. There are also other varieties available. The most common is the fruit with white flesh, but there are also others with yellow, violet, pink, and vanishing pink and white. This fruit has so many health benefits such as preventing the formation of cancer using free radicals (Phythoalbumins as an antioxidant), it is rich in protein and fiber, which improves digestion and reduces fat. It also contains carotene, which helps improve memory, and calcium to strengthen bones and aid in teeth development. It aids in tissue development, metabolizing carbohydrates and producing energy. It even improves appetite and decreases a bad cholesterol level with vitamins B2 and B3, respectively. It improves the immune system and promotes the healing of cuts and bruises, plus reduces hypertension. Those with liver, digestive and endocrine problems are also encouraged to eat dragon fruit, and it also helps in reducing the blood glucose level of people with non-insulin dependent hyperglycemia. It prevents constipation, is good for UTI, improves eyesight and prevents rheumatism and diabetes.

Aside from all these, the dragon fruit has several more uses.  To find out, read entire article here.

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