Off My Bucket

Revisiting my bucket list, I realized 2011 had been so good to me.  The following items can now be ticked off my bucket.  Never mind the few frustrations, setbacks and loss.  Now I’m facing the challenges of 2012 with a cheerful heart and a grateful attitude.  Thank you, Universe! 🙂


Off my bucket list:  🙂


  1. More mountains to climb…  Mt Sinai in Egypt and more mountains in Israel and Jordan.
  2. Fall deeply in love.. helplessly and unconditionally, but he does not know or realize how lucky he is. 🙂 ; now is the time to let go and move on.. 🙂
  3. Shower in a waterfall.. Hidden Valley in Laguna and  Tinago Falls in Iligan
  4. Sing karaoke with all my heart and soul...  I know I’ll need a lot of courage to do this but I joined KWC Philippines’ karaoke challenge  anyway, if only for the fun and the joy in singing.  Though I’ve lost in the eliminations, I think I still emerged the winner for i believe it’s not about the winning or the losing… it’s about you doing your best in everything you do.
  5. Read the entire Bible… but I have to re-read, re-internalize and re-live the Word of God at all times.
  6. Live the lifestyle of the rich and the famous even for just a day…  A trip to Jordan which was in our itinerary for Holyland, checked-in at Movenpick Hotel in Aqaba and swam in the red sea and the hotel’s spa and pools.
  7. Enjoy para-sailing again… Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


  1. Active involvement in an organization engaged in technical matters… Seminars/ workshops and other field activities of PhilMSTQ
  2. Active participation in environmental endeavours… Project WET and PLT workshops  of  Mother Earth Foundation 
  3. Reunions with High School/ College friends
  • Organized a Scholarship project with High School friends with three scholars initially, all of whom came from our Alma Mater, V. Mapa High School (on-going)
  • Met up with some of my college classmates during the UST’s quadricennial celebration.  We joined fellow Thomasian chemists in raising a Periodic Table Fund intended for graduating chemist scholars. (on-going)


  1. Travel to Asean countries with my family….. Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia/  Singapore
  2. Trip to the Holy Land, Visit the Great Pyramids in Egypt and be amazed by the al-Khazna Treasury in Jordan.. Joined a 15-day Holy Land Tour organized by CCF which  included travel to Egypt, Israel and Jordan
  3. White river rafting in Cagayan de Oro… a Northern Mindanao tour with a College friend and her hubby (bonus: lanzones festival and more of Camiguin, plus a waterfall tour of Iligan and onwards to Bukidnon for a pineapple plantation and Dahilayan visit )


  1. Strengthen my capability as an environmental laboratory auditor Seminars/ workshops and audit activities of  DTI- Philippine Accreditation Office.      (bonus:  a visit to a friend in Davao plus the tours and the fun)

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