A Letter to an Unborn Child

Dear Danielle,

Yes, dear Danielle, even if you were not yet born, I know you would be a daughter.

Years ago, I have already pictured that you would look like this innocent child.  As I reclined comfortably on an examination room table, the OB-Gyne would listen to my belly with her sonogram and I would listen to a sound I would never forget for the rest of my life, your heartbeat. I could feel you so alive, inside my body, making your presence known. Be it known my sweet little girl that even if you were not yet borne, I had already fallen deeply and undeniably in love with you.

Months later when you saw your first sunshine, all the gruelling pain that accompanied your birth was silenced the moment I saw your face. As I touched you and you felt my hands, we both knew that we will forever be inseparable.

As I watched you grow, I took delight with every new breathe you took. I vividly remembered your first words: MOOOMA; your first smile, your first steps, and all your other firsts. I took pride as I watched you learn to read, write, act, sing and dance.

Do you remember that time when you came from school with tears in your eyes? Danielle, every time you hurt, I felt the pain in ways only a mother can understand. But you surprise me constantly as you face and rose above your challenges. Oh dear, you really took after your Dad.

Danielle, you are the best thing that has ever happened to MOOOMA. I know I’ll leave this world a better place to live in because I have brought her such a wonderful person in you.

How I wish you were not just a figment of my imagination. How I wish you were not just a dream.  Sadly, I have to wake up and go back to my reality.  Thank you, Danielle, even if you were just an illusion. 🙂


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