Paalam, Kay!

“You may forget with whom you laughed, but you will never forget with whom you wept. ” ― Khalil Gibran

Today, we laid to rest someone who has played several roles in her life. To her family, she is a source of strength and a fountain of love; to her friends, she is someone they can always rely on; to her office/ labmates, she is the efficient worker; and to her co-parishioners, she is the devoted servant of God.

My heart wants to break as I listen to Danny and your daughter, Diane talk about your plans after Diane’s graduation and after your retirement.  It would have been great to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary in Cana.

I take pride as I listen to the FDA Director talk to your daughter and say that the government had lost one great servant in you, Kay. Perhaps that is the best tribute a superior could give to her subordinate.

It brings a smile to my lips when I met former FDA/BFAD employees and reminisce both our happy moments and challenges while we were still starting our career at the FDA/ BFAD.

I will remember your hilarious laughter even as you suffer from an asthma attack; Bagiuo, it was;

I will remember how you would propel us to practice to the max as we carol for a cause one Christmas season.  Lucky are the children of charity at Hospicio de San Jose;

I will remember those late night practices as we represent BFAD in a choral competition.  And yes, we’ve got more plans after that.

I will remember our weekend disco hopping at different hotels even if we “suffocate” as we squeeze-in eight friends inside Danny’s Beetle; I will remember those after office bowling nights without a care in the world even if our balls hit the canals because what really mattered was that we were enjoying moments;

I will remember our ladies’ days out as we visit friends to enjoy food, to celebrate birthdays etal;

I will remember those several days of heart to heart and woman to woman talk.  Think about girlfriends and BFFs;

I will remember that last time we bonded with Pepper at Ferino’s for a wacky chit-chat over Ferino’s delicious bibingka.

As in several other goodbyes, today made me thankful of every day, every hour, every minute, every moment; to live each moment like it is our last and never to take a moment for granted for we never know what tomorrow holds.

When you were still with us, it had been a standing joke between us that you lost your way most of the times you are in a new place. I hope you don’t get lost on your way to our Creator. 🙂

So long, my friend.  I will miss you.  Thank you for the kindness, the goodness and the trueness.  Thank you for touching our lives.


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