It Really Hurts! :(

It really hurts when some people suddenly change after getting what they wanted from you. Before getting it they can shower you with gifts, take you out, call and text you all the time, and comfort you just because they are targeting something. When it’s done they pretend to be so sweet with sugar coated love, the next day they are not. One day they need you around them, the next day they are too busy for you. One day you are so important to them, the next day you are worthless. One day they love you, the next day they don’t care about you and they don’t wanna know how you are.

That’s how ironic people and love can be, pretty lies wrapped up in glittering ribbons…

An excerpt from The Book of Quotes


2 thoughts on “It Really Hurts! :(

  1. Ah, human relationship…it is sometimes a hit or miss. Sometimes, it’s puzzling, too. But don’t give up on believing in the goodness of a person, okay? There are still those who are true to the friendship that they offer.

    Be blessed always.

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