Prayer – We Remember You!

When our will become weak, and our thinking confused
When our hearts become heavy, and our lives are misused
When we can’t see the way, and we can’t hear Your voice
When surrounded with darkness, we must make the choice
To remember You.

When our friends let us down, and our days fill with cares
When our loved ones are gone, and we can’t fight despair
When our sins overwhelm us, and our failure are great
When it seems hope has left us, it is never too late
To remember You.

When we fail in the fight, and we can’t see the way
When the dark covers light, and we can’t face the day
When our way becomes hard, and the road is so long
We will cling to Your word, we will sing out this song.

To remember You. We will remember You
Your mercies won’t fail and Your love never ends
Your grace shall prevail us. You raise us again
Our eyes are on You our Savior and King.

We draw near to You, and in gladness we sing
Mighty God take my will, cleanse my heart and my mind
I will trust in You still, hold my hand and my life.

 Waiver: this is a repost from a FaceBook friend.. thanks for sharing Malou

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