Thank You!



Thank You, Diyos, for the gift of life and love; of family and friends; of health and healing; of music and passion; of time and talents and treasures; of places and things; of presents and presence (most especially on stormy weathers). Thank you for the rainbow connections which brought me to the wonders and wanders of this Universe.

Thanks to the Family who are friends and Friends who are family.  Guys, you have been my travel buddies in this journey called life. Northbound or southbound; westbound or eastbound; downtown or uptown, you are by my side. Even at busy times, you are sure to find ways to be there with me as if you and I had made a pact that to be there for each other is what matters most,

We traveled through those long and winding roads, even through the ones which are less traveled and we travel still until the point of no return.  We crossed together those bridges even the ones hanging over troubled waters. We giggled and tickled through happy times and  we laughed hilariously still even through the bad and fart times just so we would see a hint of that certain smile; and we rocked them all through the fire and through the rain.

Together, we set our visions and missions and goals.  Together we rose and fell; and rose and fell again and again as we let the cycle continue until we progress to attain what we have set.  We celebrate small victories knowing that these will lead to bigger ones.  We still have a long way to go, but I believe that if we hold on together, our dreams will never die hoping that one day soon we will find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Guys, I believe I can count on you still, as I continue with the journey.

What more can I ask for?  🙂


Thankful and Blessed

Overwhelming is how i’ll describe 2012 and we haven’t even said our goodbyes yet. Now I can say, whatever has or will happen, no matter what challenges I have and will face, or how many heights I will still climb, or how many people I’ve loved and loved me, when all is said and done and I take that final look over my shoulder, what will humble me the very most is knowing that I am a child of God and that without HIM, I am nothing.

Thankful because I am blessed; or blessed because I am thankful? It doesn’t matter for I believe I am both. Thankful for I have a family who are also my friends and blessed because I have friends whom I have chosen to be my family. Thankful because I am blessed to be a blessing.



My Dearest God,

Thank You!

Thank you for the golden years (plus, plus 🙂 ), filled with all kinds of colors. I believe you love me too much that I can say, in my life,  there had been more joys than pain;  and that despite all the pruning I would always emerge the victor knowing that your love will see me through.

Thank you for  the gift of life. Thank you for today, another day to become the better person that you wanted me to be.   Thank you for tonight, another time to rest and recharge.

Thank You for your gift of nature, for the golden sun, the blue sky, the white clouds, the green trees, the gentle wind. Thank You for the beauty of Your creation, we so often take for granted.

Thank You for all the blessings.   I have money to do what I want most: travelling; to pay for all my daily needs and even some more to help others in need, not only of material things but for emotional support.

Thank you for I have eyes to see, ears to hear, tongue to taste and speak.  Thank You for I have nose to smell the flowers, I have hands to touch, to encode, to text, to carry my things . Thank you I have mind to imagine beautiful things, and a heart that loves, and a life to touch other lives.

Thank You, I have my family and friends, the people I  love and who I believed love me in return.

Thank You for pushing me to accept challenges I thought I could never surpass.  They molded me and equipped me. They made me a wiser and a better person, striving to be compassionate, understanding and loving.

Thank You for the joy, hope, peace and love You plant each day in my heart .

Thank You I can write this post now to be able to share your goodness and your love. And now may I say, “I love you too.”

With all my love,