Random Thoughts

This page is a work in progress.  It contains the thoughts from a wandering mind.. mostly, borrowed thoughts from great minds.. 🙂

These thoughts are painted in pictures which colored my life.  🙂

To view a larger version, just click the image.


the power of words

goodbye september

beauty is eternity

"Today, before I make decisions, I will try to listen for God's voice. Today, I am not going to be tossed around by anxiety or anger. I will take those feelings as prompts from the Spirit to listen first. In each of these situations, I will ask God, 'How would you want me to respond?'. I will live in stillness."

love hurts 😦

nourishing the soul

jump with joy in your heart

let's grow old togetther

the virtue of sweetness

thoughts on loving a woman

on letting go

on looking back

As we are nearing the celebration of the June 19, 2011 sesquicentennial birth anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal, let me share this video which features selected Rizal monuments all over the Philippines and contains a collection of Rizal’s most stirring words of wisdom to the Filipinos.

Jose Rizal 150- Words of Wisdom

two in one

a rosy sunset

for love of my native land

till we meet again

what we deserve

what more could I ask for

sunsets are a reminder

fairy tales are true

happy as a child

The power of the Nots

Independence Serenity....

In the final analysis

Friends are like stars

I hear music amongst the trees

A frienship's sunset

On forgiveness

Please stop having fun at my expense


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